seen & other ua boys at blackmarket

20. September, 2008

die jungs von blackmarket aus frankreich haben sich zur aufgabe gemacht material von writern zu bezahlbaren & korrekten preisen an die interessierten sammler aus der szene zu bringen…hört sich soweit ganz gut an…klar kommen jetzt die selloutheulsusen…aber hey ´ne seen skizze für 150 takken ist voll in ordnung…sowohl, dass er damit cash macht als auch, dass so unsereins wenigsten sich mal stuff von den eigenen leuten leisten kann…und diese somit auch supporten kann…sehr interessante sache…


the guys from blackmarket out of france aim to bring you material by known writers for reasonable prices…so at least collectors who come from the same background can afford bying those pieces of art…sound good to me…I already can hear all those guys screaming sell out…but hey to me a seen sketch for 150 bucks is all right…at least like this those writers can make some cash like that & peeps like us finally can afford bying stuff from our own peoples…very interesting idea…


official statement:


In the late 70s early 80s Graffiti was taken over by the galleries. A handful of graffiti artists started painting canvas for galleries SEEN was one of them. At this time the art world was looking for a change this art form was to be the answer for the new art of the 80s. The canvases produced by graffiti artists, the value of their work kept rising to untouchable prices for the real purists, the „writers“ or just the graffiti lovers. At times, buying a graffiti piece was only a dream.

Today, SEEN decides to put things back into context by selling artworks at very reachable prices. Returns to the roots of graffiti, only the medium has changed !

Our mission is rather quite simple in nature. We, here at Black Market, aim to bring you, the graffiti loving public, quality works of art by a revolving consortium of renowned, as well as overlooked artists.

You will notice, that the items offered are below that of the established market rates. Through mutual agreements with each individual artist, we are able to offer you quality works of art for the budget minded collector. Though offered at rock bottom prices, never at any time was quality ever compromised on any item offered by us or the artists.

We, here at Black Market, hope that you will embrace our unique marketing strategy and enjoy viewing the items contained herein. Please be sure to view our site on a regular basis, as our stock as well as artists offerings are constantly changing.



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